Monday, April 25, 2011

March/April Beauty Favourites

Hi all!
I haven't had alot of time to check out new products lately so I've mostly been sticking with old favourites and in some cases, I've also been re-discovering old favourites.

Here are some old favourites I've rediscovered:

Nivea fruity shine lip balm (strawberry)

As I've stated previously, I love lip balm. One thing I love even more is TINTED lip balm. Trust me, it makes a difference. Plus it smells like candy :P

Palmer's cocoa butter formula: moisturizing body oil
I have dry skin, so I moisurise daily. With the colder weather setting in, my regular moisturizer just wasn't making the grade. This has been my saviour. It doesn't leave any residue, just soaks right in, and leaves my skin with a nice silky sheen.

New products I've come to love:

Clinique even better foundation
This foundation not only matches my skin colour pefectly, but also my skin type. It makes my skin look so great on it's own. I don't even really need concealer or anything. Not to mention its staying power. I could wear this morning, noon and night without having to do any touch-ups. 

B collection by Bloom nail polish
This is one of my favourite nail polish brands. The quality is up there with the likes of O.P.I. They come in a huge range of colours all named after cities of the world. My favourites at the moment are Luxembourg and Amsterdam.

That's all I can think of right now. If I think of any more, I'll post it at a later date.
Good night!!

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