Monday, April 25, 2011

Its been a while...

Hi there!

So it's definately been a while since my last post. Sorry!! Sometimes life just gets in the way lol. Just been busy. busy with work, study and I've been sick the past couple of days :(

This post is basically just goiong to be a catch-up session. We'll just be like 2 old friends talking about whats been going on in our lives recently over coffee :) This is whats up with me....

Today is ANZAC day, which for those who don't know, is a day when all Australian's remember those who served in wars past. There are parades and the whole country basically stops for the day to honour them. It's a beautiful tradition.

Anzac day is definately not something that you can explain accurately in a few sentences and I didn't really do it justice. Sorry guys :(

It was also Easter during this 5 day long weekend :) Hope y'all got spoiled with lots of delicious chocolates!

This month, I also went to Supafest. Supafest is the biggest urban music festival in Australia (and I heard somewhere it's the biggest in the world). There are so many amzing artists that perform there. I got to see Tiao Cruz, The Game, T-pain, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg. I had the best time. I'll defs be back next year!!

Supafest Banner

My brother and I in the moshpit

On the train heading to Supafest (don't know why I'm pulling that face lol)
 That's whats been going on recently. I'll do a seperate post about my fave beauty buys in recent times as well as a fashion post.

Hope you've all been safe and well.
I'll be back soon. Promise xox

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