Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Officially Autumn!!

So-long sweet Summer. Now it's officially Autumn. The mercury is dropping and my days of wearing my short-shorts are becoming numbered :( I'm a summer girl through and through and there are definately alot of things I'll miss about summer such as:  longer days, balmy nights, eating ice-cream without freezing to death, wearing shorts/dresses/skirts/sandals and all those cute summer clothes and the beach of course.

I will not miss getting all sweaty and gross when it's super hot though, make-up running and hair sticking to my neck and cursing my hot coffee lol.

But, let's not waste too much time grieving summers past. Time to celebrate what gets us all excited about the cooler months like; hot showers, cuddles, sitting by a fire, drinking a nice hot chocolate/ tea or coffee, sleeping in on a chilly morning and being all rugged-up :)

I'm not looking forward to flu season though so I'm definatley gonna get a flu vaccination soon. Nobody likes being sick :-|

Anyway, be safe everyone. I hope you had a great summer!! :)

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