Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February Favourites

Hello again!

I know that February is done and dusted and we're March-ing on now but I wanted to post this anyway :P
This is just a list of some of the things I've bought/done/loved throughout the last month.

One thing about me is: I love going to priceline. I think I spend way too much time in there checking out all the different products. I always have to talk myself out of buying things and STILL manage to spend way too much money in there lol (thats another issue altogether).

The Goodies:
Maybelline Baby Lips: OMG I LOVE THIS. Lip balm is one of my must-haves. I'm a total lip balm junkie. I have tried sooo many different ones but this tops the lot :)

Charles Worthington Hair Healer: This smells great and makes my hair feel super soft and shiney.

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On

Garnier Express Cleansing Wipes

Apivita Green Clay Mask

Dusk: They sell the most beautiful scented candles, candle holders, reed diffusers, etc.

Brisbane Breakfast tea (from T2): It's a beautiful black tea with a mango twang. Very Queensland :)

Those are my absolute faves for February.
I've been super busy lately with my studies and work so I got alot of these things bearing in mind that it's important to take care of myself, especially when I'm so busy. I get run-down pretty easy so I want to make sure that I can still look the best I can and feel good.
I've also been drinking tonnes of water and trying to get as much sleep in as I can (still only managing about 5hrs).

Things I intend to work on for this month are being early or on time (being late is probably my worst habit), getting more sleep and spending less money on things I don't NEED. lol

Sweet dreams xoxox

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  1. I love Dusk. And tomorrow I'm going to Target to get a Baby Lips since I went in today and they were mostly sold out.

    Where abouts did you buy the Charles Worthington Hair Healer?

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